Top 10 Software I use for editing

disks & thumbs storage
disks & thumbs storage

These are the new and just updated for 2023 TOP 10 software packages I currently use for my image and video editing. As well as the hardware I use to run them on.

Surprisingly six of the ten programs can be had FREE for non-commercial use!
While three are subscription model products, and one is free but requires custom proprietary hardware.

Links to all the applications both free and paid are at the bottom of page.

The Software

What I edit still images with:

Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom ClassicImage developer and catalog
Adobe Creative Cloud PhotoshopImage Editor
PicolayFocus stacker by Heribert Cypionka
What I use to edit still images

 My image catalog database is currently

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom  (Image developer and catalog)

What I create videos with:

Blackmagic DaVnci Resolve 18Insanely powerful video and audio editor
OBS StudioScreen capture and live stream
qDslr dashboardTethering and time-lapse
HandbrakeVideo converter
AudacityAudio editor
What I uses to create videos

The Hardware

The Monitors

  • ASUS ProArt PA248 (Main image editing display)
  • Samsung S27R350 (Text and control panels)
  • Samsung S27R350 (everything else)

The rapidly ageing eaters of bits

  • Custom built Intel I7 system with
    • 32Gb RAM
    • 2 * 512Gb SSD + 2 * 4Tb sata3 internal drives
    • Nvidea rtx 1650 4Gb video card
    • Wacom Intuos 3 9*12 tablet
  • Custom built Intel I5 system with
    • 16Gb RAM
    • 512Gb SSD + 4Tb sata3
    • Nvidea rtx 1030 2Gb video card

Backup & Stability

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (data backup)
  • A random array of Western Digital external drives (backup medium, on and offsite)
  • Apc UPS unit(s) (power stabilization)

Here are the links to all the products if you want to get any them

Links will open new tabs or windows.


NameDescription and linkPlatform
Adobe Photography bundleincludes both Lightroom & Photoshop for $9.99us/month m
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office(search web for discount coupons!) m a i
Paid software – platform: w = Windows, m = Mac, a = Android, i = Ios


The following seven six products I use can all be downloaded and used for free!

NameDescription and linkPlatform
BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 18(video/audio editor) – non commercial usew m
Microsoft ICE(Panorama stitcher) – no longer availablew
Picolay(Focus stacker, 3d renderer)
Handbrake(video converter) m l
Audacity(audio editor) m l
qDslr Dashboard(remote camera control)
Wired, wireless, timelapse, bramping, focus stacking
Free on windows/mac and paid app for android/ios 
WeMacro controller *
* requires wemacro rail
WeMacro Focus stacking rail software m a i
Free software – platform: w = Windows, m = Mac, l = Linux, a = Android, i = Ios, r = Raspberry