Topaz AI Gigapixel evaluation & comparison with CC

What it is

Topaz AI Gigapixel is a standalone program designed to massively increase the dimension size of image files.
Using Artificial  intelligence to fill in areas with more details than actually exists.

The Topaz AI GigaPixel Interface

GigaPixel v2.0 Interface

GigaPixel v2.0 Interface

Equipment and observations

Machine used for the tests was an Intel I7 with 32Gb ram,  a Radeon R9 4gb video card, and SSDs.

    • Both programs produced identical dimensions for each upsize size selected, except at 600% where Adobe calculated a slightly larger pixel count on some images.
    • Files from PhotoShop CC were significantly smaller, Adobe saving as JPG 12 (Best), AI GigaPixel saving as “Maximum”.
    • While upsize processing total CPU was at 3%, while the GPU (3d) cores were at 100%  and total GPU memory usage was at 2.6Gb
    • While file saving total CPU was at 16% and GPU was at 0% (expected)
    • GigaPixel 2.0 took 3 to 4 times longer than Photoshop CC to output the 600% up-size.
    • To my eye Topaz AI GigaPixel did produce cleaner images at the higher up-size amounts.

File Size tests

Original image dimensions 5616×3744  jpg file Size 7,143kb

gigapixel vs Photoshop file size test

ProgramUpsize DimensionFile Size
Photoshop CC 150% 8424x5616 10,808kb
GigaPixel AI 150% 8424x5616 14,493kb
Photoshop CC 200% 11232x748816,802kb
GigaPixel AI 200% 11232x7488 23,337kb
Photoshop CC 400% 22464x14976 49,101kb
GigaPixel AI 400% 22464x14976 101,353kb
Photoshop CC 600% 33696x22464 83,490kb
GigaPixel AI 600% 32000x21344 169,929kb
gigapixel vs Photoshop test

Large 8bit JPG test

(This is the image that was used for the above upsize file size tests)


Gray Jay original jpgGray Jay gigapixel 600%

Gigapixel vs Photoshop

Gray Jay gigapixel 600%Gray Jay adobe 600%

Large 16bit TIF file test

600 percent, scale increase

DRAGON-1 originalGigaPixel-2.0 DRAGON-1 600%

Input file 16bit TIF Dimensions: 3183px x 3183px  Size on disk: 59,394kb
Output files 16bit TIF (LZW compression) Dimensions 19098px x 19098px
Size on disk:

  • GigaPixel 1.0 – 2,671,240kb
  • GigaPixel 2.0 – 1,984,796kb
  • Adobe CC – 2,660,078kb


Small file test

Original image

Taken with a Canon 70-200 f/4 L lens at 200mm on a 7d mkII body.  Handheld @  f/8, 1/200, iso 200.  Size 5472px x 3648px

Original long shot of bird in field

Original long shot of bird in field


small crop area for gigapixel test

small crop area for gigapixel test


small 954x954 cropped area

small 954px x 954px  cropped area


Drag the bar to reveal more of each sample,
drag Right to reveal more of the Topaz AI GigaPixel sample and Left to reveal more of the Photoshop CC sample.

GigaPixel-2.0 600% strongAdobe 600percent output
GigaPixel-2.0 600% head comparisonAdobe 600percent head comparison

Initially the 600% upsized images from both Adobe Photoshop CC and Topaz AI GigaPixel look almost the same
but upon closer inspection of the bird head it does appear that Topaz AI GigaPixel did manage to produce a sharper looking image.

Availability and cost.

You can get your own copy of Topaz AI Gigapixel at
Topaz AI Gigapixel is currently being retailed for 99$us.

Final  Thoughts

AI Gigapixel is two sides of an axe,
It has a good side and a very bad side.

On the good side it can massively expand an image file to product large prints,  if for instance you had to crop a lot in to a scene to produce a good composition.
On the  bad side is it now makes it very difficult to post anything on-line to social media that cannot be stolen and used to produce usable large prints.
We tested in on a random FaceBook image that when downloaded (stolen) produced a tiny 3*3 print about 900*900px in size.
With AI-gigapixel we re-generated it at 600% up-size and produced a 36*32 print  out of it, that looked surprisingly exceptionally good.
That got me worried as an image maker and is why I have not tried to push that particular product till now.


I do not own Topaz AI Gigapixel, I used a beta/trial version for my tests.
I am a Topaz affiliate and use affiliate links.