The Social Media platform hunt

Hunting for a set of decent Social Media platforms

social media politician amoeba will  engulf us all

It is a new year, time to clear out the old. Over time ended up with multiple accounts on too many different social media platforms to continue wasting time on and bothering with. So I am making the decision to drastically cut down the list to only a few that I plan to actively continue using.


For this activity I looked at twenty one (Yikes!) platforms I may have had userid's on. 
Thirteen are now sanitized, purged and deleted.
Two are still being evaluated, but most likely will be flushed. 
and a potentially new one is being looked at.
Five platforms have been kept, one in each of the major functional category 
     (photo sharing, video sharing, business contacts, team messaging, blogging)

The caveat: Nothing is actually free. On platforms owned by the likes of Meta(facebook/instagram/whatsapp), Google(youtube/blogger), Microsoft(LinkedIn), SpaceKaren(twitter), China(tiktok, 500px), you are primarily the product with your data being harvested for resale.

Selection criteria

  • Must be “free” to use, (since you are creating the platforms content)
  • Ads and algorithms must be blockable, (As I have absolutely no interest in seeing their time wasting BS)
  • Must be “free world” owned.
  • Must be easy to use from multiple platforms and devices.

Decision key

Keep   = actively build on and use platform
?quit? = still evaluating exiting.
maybe  = need more information
quit   = clear/sanitize old content, abandon platform, leave a zombie placeholder
delete = wipe and delete id immediately.
n/a    = not applicable, platform unsuitable, remove any IDs.

Posts on retained platforms sanitized using a "free" schedulable post redaction tool.

Platform table

PlatformPurposeQuick look and Impressions.CostDecision
VeroPhoto & media sharingLinear feed, supports still images, video, music, text as separate post categories and
NO ADS or algorithms.
Video sharingVideo centric
full of ads (blockable) and algorithm controlled feed
Business contactsProfessional business profile and forumsfree / paidKeep
SlackTeam messagingBusiness level messaging and conferencing with team roomsfree / paidKeep
Blog(s)Blogging, one userid can host multiple blogs (AKA Blogspot)freeKeep
bit of everythingMostly obnoxious rambling twits, conspiracy idiots, and cat pictures.
Trying to be a bit of everything and failing monumentally.
full of ads (blockable) and algorithm controlled feed (blockable)
free / paid post boost?quit?
photo short form video garbageMoving to be short form video centric, lost its focus.
full of ads (blockable) and algorithm controlled feed
free / paid post boost?quit?
youpicphoto gigging
seller/buyer connections
image centric, seems like a mix of instagram/twitter aimed at gigging photographers and free / paidmaybe
photo sharingimage centric, with blogging capabilitylimited free / paidquit
ViewBugphoto sharing & contestsimage centric, many contests,
“likes are a stroke fest”, constant push to upgrade
limited free / paidquit
video sharingvideo centric, too limitedlimited free / paidquit
twittermindless babblingplatform self destructing, full of conspiracy idiots,
full of ads (blockable) and algorithm controlled feed.
free / paidquit
pinterestimage pinningimage (theft?) centric, peculiar
full of ads (blockable), more suited to old folks homes
(China Visual Group)
photo sharingBought by China Visual Grouppaiddelete(d)
art sharingunsuitable, more for artists than photographersfree / paidn/a
messagingunsuitable, messaging appfreen/a
SnapChatmessagingunsuitable, messaging app with story capabilityfreen/a
(Advance Publication)
micro bloggingunsuitablefreen/a
short form video garbageOwned by China ByteDance, short form videos.
Unsuitable for anyone with a functioning brain.
BeRealsnapshot sharingPhoto sharing app, where you have no control over when you get to snap one image daily.
Something stupider than TikTok, if that is even possible.
Social Media Platforms examined.

Vero, the new Instagram Killer?

Vero Another social media image sharing service goes hunting to take over the pack in the cloud
Another social media image sharing service goes hunting to take over the pack in the cloud

Moved to Vero yet?

Look for me as “Peter Pauer” on Vero

New: Vero has launched a desktop app with limited capability, so you can now maintain your id stream from a real computer not just the mobile apps!

What is Vero?

Vero is an image sharing social media service similar to Instagram with some MAJOR usage differences!

Vero has (image, video, music, text, several others) post type capability and you can select which you want to see for the people you follow, and you can restrict who can see your post to your connections or followers.

The differences

there are NO AD’s to flood your timelines.
and it has a NO algorithm linear timeline, so you see what people are doing as they post the content.

Rapidly growing

Right now it is experiencing explosive growth. Over the last few days Vero has become adopted by photographers and other creatives who are flocking in droves to set up accounts on the service.

Photographers and creatives who are completely fed up with the crazy things and algorithm scrambled timelines happening over on Instagram.

It’s user base streaked past the 1 million mark to well over 3 million in just the last few days.  And its continuing to rapidly grow. This unexpected explosive growth has causing service interruptions as the servers it is on could not handle the new rapid load growth.

Subscription model, a good thing!

Originally the first million users to signup were to have free lifetime access, after which new users would need to pay a small yearly access fee.
However the unintended service interruptions are good news for new people wanting to setup accounts. As they have caused Vero to extended the lifetime free signup access to new users until they get all issues resolved from the high growth rates.

A side benefit of becoming a paid access service might be no or few bots!
After all who is going to want to pay to create automated spam bot accounts?

The App and  futures

The app  “Vero – True Social” has jumped to #1 in downloads on google store and itume’s. (Currently it is only accessible from a mobile phone platform.)

Will it be successful and knock the ad clogged, scrambled timeline, berzerk rules on who see what post Instagram out?
Only time can tell!
But if Instagram does not wise up and clean up its growing stupidity Vero has a good chance at taking over.

Is it for you? Can’t say. But I grabbed my slot while the getting was good (free) and will see what develops on this new platform.

For more information their website is at