Canon Camera End of Life

End of support date (no longer repairable)

Several old generation DSLR bodies like the 1Dx mk-iii, EOS 5Dsr, 5D mk-iv, 6D MK-ii and 90D appear to have end of life dates after some of the newer next generation EOS R and Ra bodies
End of Life (EOL) Table of Canon bodies not currently on list of already discontinued (unrepairable) hardware

BodyEOL YearEOL Month
DSLR series
EOS-1D X Mark II20267
EOS 5D Mark III20243
EOS 5Ds20275
EOS 5Ds R20288
EOS 6D20259
EOS 7D Mark II20271
EOS 70D202311
EOS 80D202710
M series mirrorless
EOS M320247
EOS M520262
EOS M620273
EOS M6 Mark II20293
EOS M1020249
EOS M100202611
EOS M200 (Gold)20283
EOS KissM20271
R series mirrorless
EOS R20291
EOS Ra20281

TBD = To Be Determined (not yet announced)

Canon maintains and regularly updates

A web page of product life cycles for all Canon products in Japanese here Product Life Cycle link
A web page of out of support (unrepairable) Canon products in Japanese here Out Of Support link
You can have google translate the previous pages to your preferred language here: Google Website Translate link

Bags and Camera Backpacks


Early gathering of my camera bags farm as it was in 2012
Early gathering of my bag farm as it was in 2012

The camera backpack and bags farm

As requirements and needs change over time one accumulates a variety of camera bags and backpacks in the search of that “perfect” one “does it all” bag that does not exist!

I dragged them all out, took a photo of the bag family, and cataloged them all. (Going to have to take a new updated photo some day. Since I made half dozen or so new addition since this one was taken.)

These are the lists of the currently high use bags that head out with me. I have included a list of the entire bag family.

Lowepro seems to be the preferred go-to manufacturer for soft bags. In all my decades of use their products have never let me down!
Though the ThinkTank Retrospective 7 has become a favorite for city wanderings and air travel.
While Pelican (they also make Storm) are my choice for my hard shell cases.

I have replaced both the old LowePro Photo Trekker Classic and Slingshot 300 AW backpacks with a newer design Lowepro Flipside 400 AW backpack. Hoping for lighter weight and less stress on an easy to malfunction shoulder.

The search for a camera bag and backpack that is waterproof, weighs next to nothing, is comfortable and can hold everything including the kitchen sink continues!

The great camera bag reduction of 2022

Near the end of 2022 we gave away, donated or sold many of the bags we had accumulated. Thus reducing the number to the ones that were actually being used. Somehow even after “the big reduction” there remain a lot of bags that I still a need to find places to store them all.

My current in active use bags

Manufacturer Product Usage
ThinkTank Retrospective 7day hiking, city wandering / urban exploration, travel carry-on
LowePro Flipside AW 400 field kit, day hiking
Kata-bags MarvelX-40DLsmall vlogging camera
LowePro S&F Filter Pouch 100Filter’s and holder
rarely used anymore
LowePro S&F Lens Exchange 200 AWFlipSide add-on
rarely used anymore
LowePro EX 180 “Strobist” lighting kit
Gitzo GC3100 Series 3 Tripod Bag vehicle tripod transport
Benro AC1046 Tripod Bag vehicle tripod transport
Pelican 1520 case vehicle gear transport
LowePro Stealth reporter D400 AW events
LowePro Fastpack 200 wife’s taken it for her kit

The entire bag farm

Manufacturer Product Usage
Benro AC1046 Tripod Bag vehicle tripod transport
Gitzo GC3100 Series 3 Tripod Bag vehicle tripod transport
Kata-bags MarvelX-40DLSmall vlogging camera
LowePro Flipside AW 400 field kit, day hiking
LowePro S&F Lens Exchange 200 AW FlipSide add-on
rarely used anymore
LoweProS&F Filter pouch 100Filter’s and holders
rarely used anymore
LowePro Toploader day trips to big city
LowePro Fastpack 200 wife’s taken it for her kit
LowePro Stealth reporter D400 AW events
LowePro EX 180 “Strobist” lighting kit
LowePro D-pods 30 point&shoot
LowePro D-Res 20AW camcorder
Pelican 1520 case vehicle gear transport
Pelican 1300 case kayaking – dslr
Storm model 2500 kayaking – P&S
Storm keycase kayaking – car keys
Sigma EX 120-300 case came with lens
Sigma EX 150 macro case came with lens
ThinkTank Retrospective 7 day hiking, city wandering / urban exploration, travel carry-on

Top 10 Software I use for editing

disks & thumbs storage
disks & thumbs storage

These are the new and just updated for 2023 TOP 10 software packages I currently use for my image and video editing. As well as the hardware I use to run them on.

Surprisingly six of the ten programs can be had FREE for non-commercial use!
While three are subscription model products, and one is free but requires custom proprietary hardware.

Links to all the applications both free and paid are at the bottom of page.

The Software

What I edit still images with:

Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom ClassicImage developer and catalog
Adobe Creative Cloud PhotoshopImage Editor
PicolayFocus stacker by Heribert Cypionka
What I use to edit still images

 My image catalog database is currently

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom  (Image developer and catalog)

What I create videos with:

Blackmagic DaVnci Resolve 18Insanely powerful video and audio editor
OBS StudioScreen capture and live stream
qDslr dashboardTethering and time-lapse
HandbrakeVideo converter
AudacityAudio editor
What I uses to create videos

The Hardware

The Monitors

  • ASUS ProArt PA248 (Main image editing display)
  • Samsung S27R350 (Text and control panels)
  • Samsung S27R350 (everything else)

The rapidly ageing eaters of bits

  • Custom built Intel I7 system with
    • 32Gb RAM
    • 2 * 512Gb SSD + 2 * 4Tb sata3 internal drives
    • Nvidea rtx 1650 4Gb video card
    • Wacom Intuos 3 9*12 tablet
  • Custom built Intel I5 system with
    • 16Gb RAM
    • 512Gb SSD + 4Tb sata3
    • Nvidea rtx 1030 2Gb video card

Backup & Stability

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (data backup)
  • A random array of Western Digital external drives (backup medium, on and offsite)
  • Apc UPS unit(s) (power stabilization)

Here are the links to all the products if you want to get any them

Links will open new tabs or windows.


NameDescription and linkPlatform
Adobe Photography bundleincludes both Lightroom & Photoshop for $9.99us/month m
Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office(search web for discount coupons!) m a i
Paid software – platform: w = Windows, m = Mac, a = Android, i = Ios


The following seven six products I use can all be downloaded and used for free!

NameDescription and linkPlatform
BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 18(video/audio editor) – non commercial usew m
Microsoft ICE(Panorama stitcher) – no longer availablew
Picolay(Focus stacker, 3d renderer)
Handbrake(video converter) m l
Audacity(audio editor) m l
qDslr Dashboard(remote camera control)
Wired, wireless, timelapse, bramping, focus stacking
Free on windows/mac and paid app for android/ios 
WeMacro controller *
* requires wemacro rail
WeMacro Focus stacking rail software m a i
Free software – platform: w = Windows, m = Mac, l = Linux, a = Android, i = Ios, r = Raspberry

CSC Camera prices. A brief history

Palantir See All mystic DSLR CSC
Palantir See All, the mystic DSLR

Are camera CSC body costs rising, stable or falling?

* NEW * Table updated January 2023 to include the mirror-less R series!

To answer that question I took a look into the past. Checking in on the mid level CSC bodies from Canon since the introduction of the venerable 3.1 megapixel D30 way back in 2000. I grouped both DSLRs and mirrorless bodies under the CSC umbrella.

I created a table of a brief history of Canon DSLR & Mirrorless introduction dates and their pricing at the time of introduction.
Not including the top end 1D series and low end Rebel series.
Basically cut the top and bottom off,  just looking at the middle so called prosumer level bodies.

The table lists the Canon body “Manufacturer Suggester Retail Prices” in the USA at time of their announcements.
Which surprisingly seems to have remained fairly stable over the years for each series of bodies.

If you factor in the ever rising inflation rate the actual cost of the bodies has in fact been slightly decreasing! Right along with the decreasing buying power of the mighty dollar as the years advance.

Body Month Year Suggested Price
at introduction
Megapixels ProcessorSensor Size
D30May2000 MSRP US$3,50003.1mp
D60February2002 MSRP US$2,19906.3mp
10DFebruary2003 MSRP US$1,49906.3mpDIGICaps-c
20DAugust2004 MSRP US$1,49908.2mpDIGIC iiaps-c
30DFebruary2006 MSRP US$1,39908.2mpDIGIC iiaps-c
40DAugust2007 MSRP US$1,29910.2mpDIGIC iiiaps-c
50DAugust2008 MSRP US$1,39915.2mpDIGIC 4aps-c
60DAugust2010 MSRP US$1,09918.0mpDIGIC 4aps-c
70DJuly2013 MSRP US$1,19920.2mpDIGIC 5+aps-c
80DFebruary2016 MSRP US$1,19924.2mpDIGIC 6aps-c
77DFebruary2017 MSRP US$0,89924.2mpDIGIC 7aps-c
90D (end of line for xxD)August2019 MSRP US$1,19932.5mpDIGIC 8aps-c
7DSeptember2009 MSRP US$1,69918.0mpdual DIGIC 4aps-c
7D mk-ii (end of line for 7D series)September2014 MSRP US$1,79920.2mpdual DIGIC 6aps-c
5DAugust2005 MSRP US$3,29912.8mpDIGIC iiFF
5D mk-iiSeptember2008 MSRP US$2,69921.1mpDIGIC 4FF
5D mk-iiiMarch2012 MSRP US$3,29922.3mpDIGIC 5+FF
6DSeptember2012 MSRP US$2,09920.2mpDIGIC 5+FF
5DSFebruary2015 MSRP US$3,69950.6mpdual DIGIC 6FF
5DSrFebruary2016 MSRP US$3,89950.6mpdual DIGIC 6FF
5D mk-iv (end of line for 5D series)August2016 MSRP US$3,49930.1mpDIGIC 6+FF
6D mk-ii (end of line for 6D series)June2017 MSRP US$1,99926.2mpDIGIC 7FF
Mirror less R series
All EF series discontinued
ROctober2018MSRP US$2,29930.1mpDIGIC 8FF
RPMarch2019MSRP US$1,29926.2mpDIGIC 8FF
R5July2020MSRP US$3,89944.8mpDIGIC XFF
R6July2020MSRP US$2,49920.1mpDIGIC XFF
R3November2021MSRP US$5,99924.1mpDIGIC XFF
R5CMarch2022MSRP US$4,79944.8mpDIGIC XFF Cinema
R7June2022MSRP US$1,49932.5mpDIGIC Xaps-c
R10June2022MSRP US$0,79924.2mpDIGIC Xaps-c
R6-mkiiNovember2022MSRP US$2,49924.2mpDIGIC XFF
R8February2023MSRP US$1.49924.2mpDIGIC XFF
R50February2023MSRP US$67924.2mpDIGIC Xaps-c

New year and Finally done with all the changes!

lookng up through the trees

Looking up

New Year and DONE!

Finally just in time for the new year,
completed all the major changes to the image library.

It really nice to have Lightroom handling most tasks almost automatically, including uploading selected images to the Photoshelter image bank,  my 500px feed and even facebook (yuck on that one.)
So went forth and bought myself a new decent ASUS ProArt PA248Q IPS monitor to celebrate,  unfortunately it really shows how bad the color was on my supposedly calibrated Samsung  23″ consumer grade monitor.

However the 2 monitors are working out very well side by side with the Asus being used to display the image being worked on  while the Samsung is handling the text and menus.

Also picked up a NetGear Push2TV over the holidays, it lets me wireless display anything my Google  tablet & laptop see over  Miracast or WiDi,  will be great for shows & seminars  (Now hoping some nice Santa brings me a 1080p projector next year. )

Pete’s What’s in the bag – My Storm Kit box

Storm kit box

The grab and go storm kit box

What’s in the Bag

The Storm Kit Box

Peek into some of the equipment kit I carry in the “What’s in my bag article” on blogger

The “Storm box” was assembled to hold all the small bits.
That might be needed to run after and photograph a storm.
A few of the larger “bits” don’t fit in the box.
But many server dual purposes especially the safety items.
Click the link above to see what is in the box and what the bigger items are that do not fit nicely in such a small Pelican 1300 case!

As with most things, especially storms think Safety First!