Shutter life in the Mirror-less world

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The mirror-less explosion removed the flappy Reflex mirror from DSLR’s (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. It did not remove the physical shutter mechanism (at least in most bodies) the main exception is the very expensive Nikon R9 that has no physical shutter. One reason for the continued existence of the physical shutter in camera bodies is a phenomenon knows as “rolling shutter”, exhibited by an all cameras when operating using an electronic shutter.

The Rolling shutter effect is caused by sensor readout being a sequential line by line process and any movement during the readout will cause the resulting image to distort.

Each shutter actuation in both DSLR’s and Mirror-less bodies brings you one click closer to the demise of the shutter mechanism in your camera.

Here is a table gleaned from the main Camera manufacturers specifications for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) for some of their various camera bodies

Shutter Life
CanonEOS Rp26.2100000
CanonEOS R30.3200000
CanonEOS R10024.1Not Published
CanonEOS R5024.2Not Published
CanonEOS R1024.2200000
CanonEOS R824.2200000
CanonEOS R732.5200000
CanonEOS R6 II20.1300000
CanonEOS R545500000
CanonEOS R5c45500000
CanonEOS R324.1500000
FujiGFX 5051.4150000
FujiGFX 50s51.4150000
FujiGFX 50 II51.4150000
FujiGFX 100102150000
FujiGFX 100s102150000
FujiGFX 100 II102150000
NikonZ6 II24.5200000
NikonZ7 II45.7200000
NikonZ845.7Not Applicable
NikonZ945.7Not Applicable
SonyA7R IV61500000
SonyA7R V61500000
SonyA9 II24.2500000

Notable exceptions are the Nikon Z9 that has no physical shutter mechanism, and the lower end Canon R8,R10,R50 for which the MTBF has not been published but from previous bodies can expect it to be in the lower 100000 range.