Farewell Photoshelter

Well it finally happened.
I closed my PhotoShelter account.
They provided an absolutely great service while I needed a bullet proof archive solution
and I highly recommend them for any business needing to safely store and deliver image files and prints world wide.

Click the following image to take a peek at PhotoShelter, and give their free trial a spin!


But I am winding down, all that I have left still active now is occasional art print sales and outstanding contracts.
And strangely people keep trying to talk me into trying the current stock market (cringe) with my terabytes of past images.
I just can’t see having put in all the time, skill, equipment and effort used to create the images,
then turning around and selling the them for (peanuts, which actually are expensive so) pennies,
trying to dive straight for the bottom and go for the “volume sales to make up the profits” mindset.
Essentially a commodities market which to me seems a losing proposition for the creative.
Somehow does fit with my more traditional outlook.

I am however thinking I might try uploading (unloading?) complete crap, essentially my past rejects pile.
Which would have to first be converted from raw to whatever is required for uploads now,
to some of the microstock services and see how that fares against the ad nauseum pablum I see flooding the current lowest cost crowd source mentality market.

Anyway I got off-topic, this post was to say farewell to a long time partner service, that served me well for many years.
I was with them from 2009 to 2019.
I wish them well on their new & upcoming endeavors!