End of Chasing the Ever Elusive Pixel?

glass bottle skull
glass bottle skull

Chasing the ever elusive pixel.

I am at the point I don’t know why I am bothering.
It is 2nd quarter 2019 and I have not taken a single image I was actually interested in taking this year so far.
Yes images have been made, but all for others, nothing that I would have dragged out equipment for given a choice.
Maybe it is finally time to hang up the cameras.

Many of the photo cohorts I know have gone a different route.
They run out every now and then to hunt down a few great images, while videoing their trip and process.
Filling up a lot of time with impressive drone shots and b-roll to try to create a compelling video,
then trying to use it to pedal their photo trips and courses.
Basically they have become photo-tour guides who also happen to take images occasionally.
For now it seems to pay well, one of the few remaining areas that still does.
But nothing I currently have interest in doing.

It is said “Never say never”, for me it seems I have reached the end of my interest in the pastime, at least for now.
Who knows maybe I’ll find something to get me going again someday, maybe not.

At the moment I am deciding whether to close out the social media groups, pages and accounts on Facebook/Instagram/twitter.
Many of which seem to have taken rather obnoxious turns, with the slobs hiding behind their keyboards spewing vitriol
at each other in many of what used to be former great groups.
I have already deleted my memberships from the ones that have degenerated the most, now deciding on the rest and the accounts themselves.