Our big camping adventure, in the soaking wet rain.

We (wet) went off for a little camping trip

The first week was one of the wettest ever! Not much chance to wander around and make images.
Standing under a flap I did make many clips that assembled nicely into a short video. So everyone can experience the wonders of another day of nonstop rain.

Reading, Photo Magazines of course, consumed much of the time during the first week.
Started reading the “VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography” Book by David duChemin as well.
Watching episodes of “Dead like Me” and “BloodTies” on the old laptop helped pass some of the time.
All the while helping our diet with many varities of custom health foods.

rain food #junkfood #junkfoodjunkie

rain food
#junkfood #junkfoodjunkie

Also managed to watch all four of the “Pirates of the Carabian”,  three of the “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Back to the Beach” (a Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello)  DVD movies in the soaking evenings during that week.

Innovation to keep the wet out!

We did need to innovate a bit and created rain cover stands from 3 inch ABS DWV pipe TEEs.  Making the cable end connection inside the pipe fitting is a bit of a trick, but it can be done.
Place one end of the 30amp cord in one side and down into the 90 bend. Then put the other end  from the next cord in from the other side and push them together inside the fitting.
The 15amp cord had to pass through frist,  there is no room for its ends once the fat 30 amp ends were in place! Then you just stand them up, keeps the connectors dry and  up of the wet forest floor. As long as the water does not rise too far!
Or  just use bigger 4 inch pipe tees instead! Though they take up much more space to store.
Worked out well for us ,  no rain caused shorts or power outages,  the laptop  and camera batteries all charged up and kept on working!

ABS power cord rain covers

ABS power cord rain  covers

The Camping Cat was not impressed!

Taken too soon

camping cat not impressed

camping cat not impressed

Fortunately the next week was much drier !