Vanishing Wild places of Canada

The Vanishing Wild

of Canada

The Vanishing Wild spaces.  My biggest and longest ongoing project is imaging the places that have supposedly been set aside to remain wild and pristine.

The Provincial and National parks of Ontario in particular and Canada in general. Before they are consumed by the ever encroaching need to pave. To harvest all the available natural resources.

For instance the  rocky shores of Lake Superior park, difficult to access by tourists are being blasted apart to make gravel for  roads. While tree harvest continues to occurs on the back roads throughout  the park lands system.

Many parks like Algonquin contain extensive back country logging road. Which are  closed to travel by normal people. We suspect both to prevent discovery of the logged out areas. As well as encountering a fast moving heavy logging truck on a narrow roadway is very dangerous.
We try to travel to one or two parks a year and stay a month or so to get the feel of the land.
While there we travel mostly by foot, kayak, canoe, bicycle or for really long distances the Jeep

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