My Gear

My Gear

and Equipment

To answer the “what’s in your bag” gear question syndrome, as we seem to keep getting asked.

We are currently shooting with Canon EOS Full Frame and Crop bodies at 20+ megapixels
Our lens collection give us an available range from 8mm all the way up to 300mm @ f/2.8
For macro work we use a dedicated 150mm f/2.8 macro lens by Sigma.
We have even picked up a EF-s 10-18 STM and EF-s 24mm STM lenses specifically for use on our crop bodies.
We are not brand centric, our lenses are a mix coming from Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Bower(Samyang).
The same goes for portable flashes, we have a mix of manual Vivitar, Canon Sigma and Yongnuo units.

In studio we use radio triggered strobes by White-Lightning and Alien-Bee.

Our primary workhorse tripod is a Gitzo Carbon Fiber GT-3541xls with an RRS BH-55 ballhead
Our backpacking tripod is a Benro A-2691 Trans-Functional (can become a monopod) Travel Angel With a B1 ballhead
We also make use of  several Manfrotto 055c tripods as needed to hold things in place

Most of our bags are by Lowepro  and hard case by Pelican, we are now also using a ThinkTank retrospective 7 for the daily treks into towns while traveling.

The all important camera strap question: BlackRapid and Packsafe (it fell apart) slings.

Our Jeep is a Commander, our kayaks are Canadian made Boreal’s
And our new old Canoe is a 16′ Nova Craft Kevlar prospector

Just remember that the image is not in the gear!
It does not matter what you use, if you can imagine it with some work you can create the image.