My Gear

AKA: The useless list!

As two people with the same gear will not produce the same results!

I don’t regularly “upgrade” equipment unless it fails to serve.
Either due to a hardware failure or some performance issues that may be hindering my quest for images.
So if it keeps on working, some of my kit may seem rather old and dated.
Lists updated as of 2023/05 to remove individual item lists and links, now just focusing on generics.
As you can see I am very brand agnostic, I’ll use whatever works well for the least amount of outlay (gets me the best bang for buck).

Product links are no longer provided, as I am not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands.

Camera Bodies

  • Canon
  • Sony
  • GoPro
  • Camera Mains Power
    • TetherTools  Case Relay power (Canon LP-E6)
    • Wellook Power Adapter (Sony NP-FW50)

Slings, straps and sticks

  • Straps
    • BlackRapid
  • Tripods
    • Gitzo
    • Benro
    • Manfrotto
    • Gorillapod
  • Heads, clamps & brackets
    • Really Right Stuff
    • Benro
    • Kirk L brackets
    • Koolehaoda pano clamp
    • Manfrotto magic arms
    • Manfrotto super clamps
    • Wimberley Plamp
  • Lightstands
    • Neewer C-stands
    • Paul C. Buff air-cushioned
    • Westcott Background Support System


  • Studio
    • Godox Xpro trigger
    • Godox studio strobes
    • Godox speedlights
    • White Lightning studio strobes
    • Alien Bee ring-light
  • Modifiers
    • SmallRig Lantern Softbox
    • Godox strip box
    • Aurora lite banks
  • Color filters
    • Godox, Neewer
  • Macro
    • Yongnuo ring light
    • Godox LED lights


  • Bower
  • Canon
  • Sigma
  • Tamron
  • Sony

Bags & Cases

  • Lowepro
  • ThinkTank
  • Pelican


  • Sandisk cards
  • Filters
    • Cokin Z-Pro filter holder
    • Lee ND grad and 10 stop filter
    • B+W and Tiffen Polarizers
    • Hoya Infrared
  • Cactus radio triggers

Special and Oddities

  • Macro
    • WeMacro automatic focusing rail
    • WeMacro M42 and RMS adapters
    • WeMacro 4x and 10x infinity plan objectives
    • SmallRig mini magic arms
    • SmallRig mini super (crab) clamps
  • Ultraviolet
    • 365nm filtered LED UV sources
    • Sigma 500DG sp flash 365nm UV modified
  • Oddity
    • Bower LED multi-color tube lights
    • Ninyoon Universal USB Microscope & Stand


  • Godox LED video light
  • Neewer dolly stand
  • Neewer field monitor
  • Iloknzi teleprompter
  • Bower LED ring light


  • Recorders
    • Zoom 2 track
    • Boss 8 track
  • Microphones
    • Røde
    • Shure
    • Behringer

Just remember that the image is not in the gear!
It does not matter what you use, if you can imagine it with some work you can create the image.