My Gear

I don’t regularly “upgrade” equipment unless it fails to serve.
Either due to a hardware failure or some performance issues that may be hindering my quest for images.
So if it keeps on working, some of my kit may seem rather old and dated.
lists updated as of 2023/01
I’ll provide the latest version currently available for outdated units if possible

Camera Bodies

Slings, straps and sticks

  • BlackRapid straps
  • Gitzo GT 3541XLS Series 3 Carbon
  • Benro A-2691 Travel Angel
  • Manfrotto 055c
  • RRS BH55 Ballhead
  • Benro B1 Ballhead
  • Koolehaoda pano clamp
  • Gorillapod
  • Neewer C-stands


  • Godox Xpro-c trigger
  • Godox SK400II
  • Godox AD200
  • Godox TT685c
  • Godox SL-60 led video light
  • Yongnuo YN14EX macro ring light
  • White Lightning x1600, x800 strobes
  • Alien Bee abr800 ring-light
  • Godox strip box
  • Godox Barn Door
  • Godox Honeycomb Grid & color filters
  • Aurora lite banks


  • WeMacro automatic focusing rail
  • WeMacro M42 and RMS adapters
  • WeMacro 4x and 10x infinity plan objectives
  • Godox led64 lights
  • SmallRig mini magic arms
  • SmallRig mini super (crab) clamps
  • Koolehaoda 11inch magic arms
  • Koolehaoda large super (crab) clamps
  • Koolehaoda 240mm Quick Release Plate
  • Koolehaoda dual dovetail clamp
  • 395nm and 365nm filtered UV sources


Bags & Cases

  • Lowepro Flipside 400 AW
  • Lowepro S&F filter case
  • ThinkTank Retrospective 7
  • Pelican 1520
  • Pelican 1300


  • Sandisk Extreme Pro CF and SD cards
  • Sandisk Ultra CF and SD cards
  • TetherTools  Case Relay power Canon
  • Kirk L brackets for Canon
  • Lee Big Stopper 10 stop filter
  • Lee 1, 2, & 3 stop ND grad filters
  • Cokin Z-Pro filter holder
  • B+W 77mm polarizer
  • Cactus radio triggers


  • Zoom H1
  • Røde smartlav+
  • Røde videomic


  • Ninyoon Universal Microscope Stand Pro
  • Ninyoon USB Microscope

Just remember that the image is not in the gear!
It does not matter what you use, if you can imagine it with some work you can create the image.