Pete’s What’s in the bag – My Storm Kit box

Storm kit box

The grab and go storm kit box

What’s in the Bag

The Storm Kit Box

Peek into some of the equipment kit I carry in the “What’s in my bag article” on blogger

The “Storm box” was assembled to hold all the small bits.
That might be needed to run after and photograph a storm.
A few of the larger “bits” don’t fit in the box.
But many server dual purposes especially the safety items.
Click the link above to see what is in the box and what the bigger items are that do not fit nicely in such a small Pelican 1300 case!

As with most things, especially storms think Safety First!


Pete’s how-to’s build a DIY Camera Slider

DIY Camera slider

DIY Camera slider using skateboard trucks

DIY Camera Slider

How to DIY Camera Slider build out of hardware store parts and skateboard trucks.


Image of V1 of the  DIY camera slider with motor removed, already getting ready for conversion to V2
See the DIY Camera Slider v1 build description and more images or it.

in our build “DIY Camera Slider – V1” construction article on blogger