New year and Finally done with all the changes!

lookng up through the trees

Looking up

New Year and DONE!

Finally just in time for the new year,
completed all the major changes to the image library.

It really nice to have Lightroom handling most tasks almost automatically, including uploading selected images to the Photoshelter image bank,  my 500px feed and even facebook (yuck on that one.)
So went forth and bought myself a new decent ASUS ProArt PA248Q IPS monitor to celebrate,  unfortunately it really shows how bad the color was on my supposedly calibrated Samsung  23″ consumer grade monitor.

However the 2 monitors are working out very well side by side with the Asus being used to display the image being worked on  while the Samsung is handling the text and menus.

Also picked up a NetGear Push2TV over the holidays, it lets me wireless display anything my Google  tablet & laptop see over  Miracast or WiDi,  will be great for shows & seminars  (Now hoping some nice Santa brings me a 1080p projector next year. )

Completed a re-organization of all our galleries

bulldozer on hill side

Construction, bulldozer on hill side

Site gallery re-organization

It  had to be done,  it is getting late and I now have eye strain from spending hours moving around and re-organizing all the galleries in our image bank.
But it is finished, at least for now.

Hopefully navigation will be  made  easier by the hierarchical collections of similar galleries that were created.
Should make locating images much easier as well as storing new images into the image bank!

Link to the new structured galleries

Sample of what the main gallery page looks like now!

new gallery collection page showing the top level gallery collections

new gallery collection page showing the top level gallery collections