Workflow and library major changes in the works


Construction equipment

DAM (Digital Asset Management)

DAM is a pain at best of times.
Trying to hammer out workable, reliable and consistent backup schemes, file naming conventions, image workflow, key wording, meta data is not easy.
And as you keep changing things to hopefully simplify your work, you usually ending up with a lot of inconsistencies in the old image archives.

At least until I attended Gavin Gough’s Photo Workflow seminar at Photoshelter and watched his video on Vimo

Conveniently linked for you here:

Workflow changes

The first changes to my workflow include adding a new step to my backup strategy, and completely renaming all my existing image files! Would be a big ouch except it is actually turning out to be a painless process!

Good thing was my existing backup strategy was already good (decades of working as a IT analyst pays off) but even here I added a new step to separately backup all the raw image files automatically as they come in to an external drive using a neat feature of lightroom I did not know even existed!

At the moment all my existing working image files are being renamed to a consistent naming convention (one day at a time, just so I can watch what is happening) and converted to DNG format files.
All being done automatically and being handled by LightRoom itself!
Yes, I did take a full snapshot backup of the entire image library before beginning this process, so reverting in case something “not good” happens would be easy.

This is one eBook package (includes a lot of extra like pre-built Lightroom presets to speed things up) that can really help your workflow especially if you are handling large volumes of image files.

Wish I had found it sooner, going back and converting 10’s of thousands of digital image files to the new consistent workflow format from many years of shooting is going to take a bit of time.

The next step will be to implement the tagging process to keep track of where individual images are within the workflow process.

Gallery reorganisation completed

Gallery reorganisation completed

A gallery reorg, it  had to be done,  it is getting late and I now have eye strain from spending hours moving around and reorganising all the galleries in our image bank.
But it is finished, at least for now.

bulldozer on hill side gallery

Construction, bulldozer on hill side

Hopefully navigation will be  made  easier by the hierarchical collections of similar galleries that were created.
Should make locating images much easier as well as storing new images into the image bank!

Link to the new structured galleries

Pete’s What’s in the bag – My Storm Kit box

Storm kit box

The grab and go storm kit box

What’s in the Bag

The Storm Kit Box

Peek into some of the equipment kit I carry in the “What’s in my bag article” on blogger

The “Storm box” was assembled to hold all the small bits.
That might be needed to run after and photograph a storm.
A few of the larger “bits” don’t fit in the box.
But many server dual purposes especially the safety items.
Click the link above to see what is in the box and what the bigger items are that do not fit nicely in such a small Pelican 1300 case!

As with most things, especially storms think Safety First!


Pete’s how-to’s build a DIY Camera Slider

DIY Camera slider

DIY Camera slider using skateboard trucks

DIY Camera Slider

How to DIY Camera Slider build out of hardware store parts and skateboard trucks.


Image of V1 of the  DIY camera slider with motor removed, already getting ready for conversion to V2
See the DIY Camera Slider v1 build description and more images or it.

in our build “DIY Camera Slider – V1” construction article on blogger


Pete’s how-to’s build a flash bracket for a monopod

Canada Lynx

DIY flash bracket

How to build a DIY flash clamping bracket.

Image of Canada Lynx created using the DIY flash bracket mounted on a monopod!
See the Flash Bracket #1  build process and more images taken utilizing it.

in our build “Flash Bracket #1” construction and use article on blogger



Pete’s how-to’s build a portable bird shooting platform

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis)

DIY Bird shooting Platform

How to DIY build a portable DIY bird shooting platform.

Image of northern cardinal shot right outside our living room window, distance to shooting platform was about 3 meters or 10 feet!
See the platform build process and more images taken utilizing it

in our build a portable bird shooting platform construction and use article on blogger