Ethics and content statement

All content presented on this website and youtube, is my personal opinion or work.
Based on my experiences and obviously colored by a preference bias I have developed over the many years.

Currently my social media is on auto-pilot, parroting some of my favorite feeds with occasional entries of my own.
So those channels (Twitter/FaceBook/Google+) do not represent my personal opinion or possibly any version of reality.
I am hopeful this will change as I manage to dilate time to make more room for sitting in front of a screen.


In all cases if I post an article it will contain my personal and real opinion,
if for any reason I cannot do that the entry will not be posted.


If I do a review it is based on a product or service
I have purchased and actually make or made (since things evolve over time) use of.


If I am affiliated with or sponsored by a product or service It will be stated and
made clear at the start of  the short dissertation about the product or service.

Solicited Product Articles/Reviews

At times products show up or services are offered in return for our opinion and/or a descriptive article
placement on our site, blog or social media. These will only be done if I am free to
state my real opinion of said product or service and it will be made clear at the start that the
entry was requested by the vendor and is not of a product or service I had actually previously purchased.


I will never endorse a product I don’t personally use and like.


I am not fond of the constant bombardment by advertising seemingly everywhere, in fact I go out of my way to avoid encountering any.
And I try to keep the website clear of superfluous advertisements as much as possible

For the most part all equipment I use in my photography and may mention in posts or videos I have purchased and own.
And I admit I used to be a gear head and computer nerd, both of which seems to be changing.